I’ve made up my mind; I want a tattoo!


If you’re a tattoo veteran, the contents of this article will ring a bell, but if it’s your first tattoo or if you’ve previously had a bad experience, we recommend you to continue reading because it may be of interest to you.

So now you’ve decided you want a tattoo, but you should take it easy. Keep in mind that a tattoo is not irreversible, but the solution will becomplicated if the final result is not what you expected. It’s important to get the right message, body area, the design, and especially, to protect your health.


At The Inker we recommend that you follow these five steps to get your new tattoo exactly right:



A tattoo is much more than just a drawing. It’s a message, an idea, a feeling; something that we want to stand the test of time with us forever. That is a key aspect that you must define before starting. Another fundamental aspect is to have a prior idea of your preferred style: Maori, Japanese, hyperrealism, sketch, cartoon, blackwork, etc., a wide variety of styles that can connect your tattoo with your personality.



Now that you have your initial idea, look for a tattoo studio that builds the most trust for you, and don’t be driven only by the price. The consequences of a bad tattoo are always more expensive than any initial savings. Talented freelance tattoo artists also offer their services, but at The Inker we recommend that you resort to a studio.

Why? There are many reasons, but we could sum them up in three:

Tattoo studios have regular inspections and greater control than a tattoo artist that works from home (unfortunately, on various occasions, without any type of legal activity). This means that at a tattoo studio you can rely on hygienic measures, quality tools, as well as quality ink and products, essential to ensure a successful tattoo and avoid any subsequent complications.

Tattoos require increasingly more specialization. At a tattoo studio you will usually find different tattoo artists, each of them specialized in a particular style. It’s very rare to find a tattoo artist that can surpass all styles to a high standard. If you go to a freelance tattoo artist, there’s a possibility that you could end up with a tattoo without a quality finishing.

– Even if you already have an initial idea,it’s important that you receive advice from professionals. You should trust and take into account their criteria to decide the details of your new tattoo. That’s why it’s important to resort to a studio that has been trading for years and has and counts on experienced tattoo artists. Talk to them and they will be able to recommend what type of tattoo is better, the optimum placement on your body, and even draw up some sketches until finding the perfect design for you.



You should keep in mind that a tattoo is an invasive operation on our skin, and for that reason we should take all possible precautions to avoid any subsequent injuries or complications. Before we go to have our tattoo done, we recommend that the area is body hair-free and well moisturized. About three days before getting the tattoo the area should be shavedto eliminate the hair from the root, and enough moisturizing cream should be applied to make sure that the skin is flexible and that the skin pores are as closed as possible.



When a tattoo artist is working there is no margin of error. Go to your appointment relaxed and aware that the tattoo process, depending on the area and size, can be a bit painful. That’s why we recommend you to find a tattoo studio that builds your trust and has “good vibes”. If you are relaxed, the tattoo artist will also be, and his/her work will be much more free-flowing. There’s nothing better than sharing some laughter to transform a somewhat uncomfortable moment into a process that you can enjoy. Choose a professional that you have a good feeling with and a tattoo studio that has excellent facilities (environment, intimacy, hygiene, etc.).



Everything has gone perfectly, but we haven’t finished just yet.

As soon as the tattoo artist is finished, he/she will have done some initial after-care, applying special creams and covering the area. Approximately during the next two weeks, you should be extremely careful and take care of the tattoo’s hygiene; cleaning it with neutral soap or hypoallergenic, and applying a healing cream three or four times a day. You should avoid infections, peeling and/or scaling of the skin, and you will have a perfect finish on your tattoo.

It would be interesting that, after the healing period, you drop by your tattoo studio so that the professionals can check that everything is alright.


That’s it! If you follow these pieces of advice we are sure that your new tattoo will be the special experience you were expecting. There’s only one “problem”… that it won’t be long before you want to get another one!! 😉